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Cellbedell system is a smart front desk management system

Cellbedell is a simple and flexible front desk management system solution for hotel and property industry.

Long wait in line at the front desk always destroys travelers patience and customer satisfaction which is what hoteliers put in the first place. To deploy a smart but expensive facility or manpower is another dilemma for the hospitality and property management industry.


Rapid deployment on self-check-in system


The guests can make their own pass cards via tablet at the front desk or their NFC built-in cell phones.

For those who have hotel APP, they can directly check in on the go. 

No more wait up! 


Edge computing to generate the passcodes and notification would be sent by cloud.  

cellbedell BLE NFC self check in smart a
Remote check-in,smart hotel can upgrade guest experience by providing technology. hoteliers best choice. 無人旅館遠端Check-in.

Tap and Go!

With NFC technology, the host can use the read&write function to 

issue the pass cards for their guests as well as the guests themselves.


Besides mobile card making, the guests can use NFC technology to tap smart stickers or cards for more interesting information such as transformation, local cousin reference, hotel intro, and so on.

Tap-and-Go is using NFC technology for the travlers who wantd to explore more information provided by the hotels.
NFC technology grant access to guest on th go. Pass cards can be made by NFC built-in cellphone owned by the host or guests themselves.

Smart City Courtier

With only one APP, the travelers can not only have a doorkeeper but also a  smart city tour guide that can make you feel more like a local people. 


Hotel managers can offer better services with feedback from the system.

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